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Guild facebook is up and ready

iansmomma05, Nov 17, 10 12:58 PM.
Finally got the guild facebook up and going. Feel free to add it to your own if you want to get to know the other guild members out of game. It's always nice to put a face with the voice in vent or toon on screen. So let's just have fun with it and enjoy eachother's company. Also a good place to write suggestions or comments too.

The email address associated with it is

Guild meeting and upcoming ICC run

iansmomma05, Nov 8, 10 8:13 PM.
We have a guild meeting coming up on Monday the 15th of November so be looking for an invite and message in game regarding time and place. Also there will be an Icc run the following day. Be looking for a signup sheet for that and keep in mind we will be doing some more guild focused runs through older raids to obtain gear for those who need it. Remember also to run randoms and use the justice points to get what gear you can to better prepare yourselves for the raid.

It's coming together!

iansmomma05, Oct 26, 10 1:05 PM.
Well we are off. We have the guild website up and running. Vent is now working as well. We have gotten some
new recruits and hope that we can keep up the pace. Good luck to everyone and thank you all for helping this all get started.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

iansmomma05, Oct 26, 10 11:05 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Welcome to the Anime Junky guild website. We focus on having fun and helping one another out. Our main goal is to be a great place to come in and socialize and bring back some of the fun and entertainment that World of Warcraft has to offer. We want your WoW experience to be as fun as you are and hope that you make some great friends along the way. We pride ourselves on being mature, friendly, and always respectable players. There is nothing too "noobish" to us because we remember and keep in mind that we all had to start somewhere. We consist of people from all walks of life and wish to bring in a vast array of recruits. Anime Junky should feel like a second home to you once you come in, you're in. There is a strict no drama policy and any and all drama will be dealt with accordingly so we can get back to having fun. We want you to feel as comfortable and carefree as possible and will do anything we possibly can to make  that a reality. WoW should be fun and not a chore. We will start raiding as soon as we get enough members who meet the requirements to do so, but in the meantime we will have weekly guild events and weekly guild runs to help anyone and everyone who needs it. As always you can ask for help at any time and we would be glad to do whatever you need. We want to have a wide variety of things to do for all levels of our members and plan on doing as much as we can to accomodate all levels of our members. Sometimes even if it is it to just sit around in vent and  talk about anything and everything from anime to music. Just have fun is all we ask.

Our philosophy in WoW is to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Life can be complicated, WoW doesn't have to be. We have several members who use WoW as an outlet or way to relax and have fun. So that is what we are focused on most. If you are a hardcore player then we have stuff for you as well if you are not so hardcore and just enjoy the occasional level here and there. Point is to have fun no matter which kind of player you happen to be.

Our Ranking system works solely on guild activity. Included here is our ranks and a quick info on requirements or what they are all about. Inactive members who are such for more than a month will automatically be dropped to Academy student no matter what rank they were to begin with. Our ranks follow an anime style approach and are as follows.

Level 1 = Academy Student (is our basic rank 1 new recruit, in the guild less than 2 weeks, the "get to know you" stage)

Level 2 = Gennin (our rank 2 member, been in the guild at least 2 weeks and we have gotten to know you, you now have access to more guild member items and events.)

Level 3 = Chuunin (our rank 3 member, been in the guild a while, made a name for yourself, have helped out when needed, put input in guild meetings)

Level 4 = Jounin (our rank 4 member, have at least one 80, either part of one of the raiding teams or working to be such, required to appear at all guild meetings, can begin to step up into a leader type role with events)

Level 5 = ANBU Black Ops (our rank for all core raid team members. Has access to raid team tab in guild bank and is required to be present at any and all raid team meetings unless previously excused.)

Level 6 = Sannin (our rank 6 Officer members, can lead raids, add members, promote within the guild, maintain guild bank and access to guild funds, will be present at meetings and all events, can step into leader position and take control when needed, requires authenticator)

Our Guild Master level is Kage. "A pillar upon which the guild stands and the strength a guild presents to other realms largely depends on the Kage in power."


1. Have fun and be polite. The key to WoW is to always remember it is a game and is meant as a means of entertainment and enjoyment. Please do not spoil it for others with any negativity or rude comments. We want to be a very close group of people working together with common goals and inerests. Just have fun with it no matter what stage you are.

2. There is no "noob" in the guild. You must keep in mind that we all had to start somewhere. We all did not wake up one morning knowing everything there is to know about the game. Learning is growing and helping eachother learn helps us grow as a group to become better and stronger.

3. Stay mature. There is bound to be issues no matter who you are or where you go. We want to bring those issues up as soon as they arise so we can keep a handle on anything that may cause problems within the guild. We ask that any personal issues be brought to the Kage's attention or officer Sannin in private so it may be handled. We ask that when any complications or disagreements arise that our members stay positive and respectful and handle them as adults. We do understand that even adults sometimes have a childish way of handling things but even still we hope that when situations arise everyone involved remember the guild and think of any consequences actions may have.

All in all we want members who can be mature, abide by what little rules we have set in place and can be fun and interactive. We always want more input in the guild management and if there is a suggestion or problem then we would like it to be brought to our attention.
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